ARM Holdings (ARMH) Acquisition; Leading Its Shares to Surge

ARM Holdings (ARMH) Acquisition; Leading Its Shares to Surge


ARM Holdings plc (NASDAQ:ARMH), the UK’s eminent tech company, shares boosted +40.55% in the last trading session. The huge surge came after the news that the SoftBank Crop, the Japanese technology giant, has made an agreement to acquire the ARM Holdings (ARMH).

The company had modest early stages but its achievements has made it the UK’s well-known and largest tech company. And now the agreement with SoftBank has increased its market value immensely from £17 billion to £24.3bn

ARM Holdings (ARMH)’s teams of engineers develop designs and made billions of microchips every year and then get licenses to chip-making titans such as Qualcomm and Samsung. A fee is paid when a manufacturer licenses one of its designs, and then every one of the billions of chips distributed makes a profit.

The mobile era has turn out to be tremendously profitable for ARM Holdings as the company has been so vital to the smartphone revolution making it the Apple, Google, ARM axis. Its future is actually far more promising as the mobile has made ARM a technology player worldwide. You can expect that its chips may well fit in your next TV’s, Washing machines, security equipment’s or even in auto-mobiles.

The company’s revenues increased 22 percent to £968 million and profits were up 31 percent last year as ARM-designed chips distributed and installed 15 billion chips in devices.

Founder of SoftBank Masayoshi Son described this new tendency of computing the “Internet of Things” (IoT), as the “next paradigm shift”.

ARM Holdings plc (NASDAQ:ARMH) lean towards to take the long view and has had it in its vision for years. But few expected anyone that might be able to buy it, given the intricate antitrust problems that would rise. But any uncertainties will have been diminished by SoftBank’s aptitude to double staff numbers in the UK over five years.

Financial Outlook:

ARM Holdings (NASDAQ:ARMH) is among the big movers in yesterday’s trading session. stock ended the session at $66.17. While its 50 day moving average was 44.50 and 200 day moving average was 42.47. Earnings per share growth of the stock is expected to be 33.10% for this year.

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