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Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) gets more diverse than Facebook and Google

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Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) revealed in a statement that it has managed to improve the company’s ethnic and gender diversity in its latest diversity report. The iPhone maker giant said it has now more diverse workforce than Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Google, both of which made modest developments in their diversity reports published earlier this year.

Apple Inc (AAPL) said its workforce in United States was 56% white, 19% Asian, 12% Hispanic, and 9% black as of June of this year. In contrast last year, the company’s percentage of white employees was up 2%, while the percentage of its Asian, black, and Hispanic workforce are up 1%.

Moreover, in Apple’s U.S. retail stores, blacks and Hispanics were 12% and 17% of general employees, one-to-one, as well as 5% and 10% of management roles.

“We see diversity as everything that makes an employee who they are. We foster a diverse culture that’s inclusive of disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, and service to country,” Apple says in its report. “We want all employees to be comfortable bringing their entire selves to work every day. Because we believe our individual backgrounds, perspectives, and passions help us create the ideas that move all of us forward.”

Apple Inc further said that it closed pay gaps among U.S. employees after probing total compensations. The company is presently examining the salaries, bonuses, and annual stock grants of its complete workforce worldwide. “If a gap exists, we’ll address it,” the Apple report says.

Social Networking Giant Facebook’s U.S. workforce mainly consist of white and Asian. According to the company stats 52% of its employees in the country are white, while 38% are Asian. Hispanics and blacks make up 4% and 2% of the company’s workforce, respectively, a figure that hasn’t changed since 2015. Google also posted minimal progress in diversifying its workforce: blacks and Hispanics make up 2% and 3% of its workforce, respectively, and 1% and 3% of its tech employees.

Meanwhile, 32% of Apple Inc (AAPL)’s worldwide employees are made up of women, marking a 1% rise from June of last year. On the tech side, women occupies 23% of total positions that is up 1% from June 2015. However, women only account for 28% of global leadership positions within the company, the same percentage as last year.

Internationally, 68% of Facebook’s workforce is made up of men, while 32% are women. At Google, men occupies of 69% of the company’s jobs and women comprise 31%.


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