Market Analysis for Clean Coal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CCTC)

Market Analysis for Clean Coal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CCTC)


Clean Coal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CCTC) is focusing on what they believe to be the world’s first scalable coal dehydration technology. The technology has the potential to upgrade low grade coal to more high grade coal through their Pristine M Technology. This technology removes the moisture from coal. This not only lowers the shipping costs by weight and delivery, but improves the coal ranking – leading to a higher market prices and salability of coal.

Before Trump became the President, the coal industry is a place most investors wanted to avoid. With the historical fall-down in commodity prices, adverse political doctrines and a more progressive government, well, this didn’t bode well with the coal industry. Last Tuesday, things changed.

Clean Coal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CCTC) shareholders where probably as shocked as many other Wall St. types with the election results. With Donald Trump in the White House, one would think there is not a significant opportunity for the coal industry to start rebuilding. What is interesting, I just got done reading the top things Trump plans on doing, 100 days after getting into office. One of his plans is to rebuild the broken coal/energy industry that has been hampered by liberal progressives.

With a Republican like Donald Trump in the office, I don’t think the US will take a step backwards and revoke all clean/green energy initiatives. However, I do believe there will be a focus on the working class coal miners – creating jobs in this manner. In regards to a cleaner/greener environment, I believe there will be a stringent focus on developing technologies to reach cleaner emissions – rather than just destroying an entire industry.

Clean Coal Technology could be the solution for the creation of jobs and a technology to deal with emissions. In fact, the CEO believes this to be true as well…

“We, at CCTI, always maintained that the solution was in developing newer, more efficient technologies in order to reduce the carbon footprint of coal, and we are delighted to see an immediate and positive uptick in demand for, and interest in, our technology here in the US.”

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The coal market was positively impacted from the election of Trump into office – not just in the US, but on a global scale. For an example, the management team of Clean Coal Technology just returned from a visit to Australia. They visited a major domestic coal producer that wants to develop a strategic partnership with the company. Thus, they want to use their technology in the Australian market.

This is huge for CCTC. Not only will they be able to test their technology globally, but there could be future revenue streams for the company. Further, the testing could yield to additional potential customers in the Australian market.

So where does this leave the company on a valuation standpoint? Well, the company hasn’t turned a profit or revenue yet. They are still in the developmental stages of marketing and testing their product. This means there is going to be a burn-rate and likely dilution. The company has a low cash position and there are a decent amount of liabilities coming due. I would expect in the next conference call management will shed some color on future private placements or equity offerings to give the company a cash infusion.

Despite the ‘weaker’ financial condition, there is a lot playing in the company’s favor. Not only has the recent Trump win give good tailwinds to the future of the company, but soaring coal prices may bode well in the mid to long-term. Moreover, coal prices are being driven from demand in India, China, South Korea and Japan. This has resulted in the reopening of mines in Australia – leading to a potential investment back into clean tech – such as the one Clean Coal Technologies offers.

Clean Coal Tech has a heads up on competitors as well. Their technology is patented and has been successfully tested to enhance the coal quality. The company is also ready to deploy their technology on a commercial scale, which will bode well for the short-term business development – especially given their liquidity crunch. The company is also taking steps on a domestic basis to commercially sell their technology.

For an example, the company is working on selling their technology to a company in Wyoming. This company is focused on the export market and could bring significant benefits to the long-term nature of the technology.

Overall, there are a significant amount of tailwinds – on the political, environmental and commodity front – that will bode well for the company. It will be interesting to see what management releases in the November 15th webcast. If I were to bet, they will shed more color on the business interactions in Australia, the political benefits of having Trump in office and the long-term funding of the company itself. Nonetheless, I think it’s important to have CCTC on your watch-list, given the reasons stated above. For continuing coverage on $CCTC stock and our other hot stock picks, sign up for our free newsletter now and get our next hot stock pick!

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