What’s Behind This Move on xG Technology Inc (NASDAQ:XGTI)

What’s Behind This Move on xG Technology Inc (NASDAQ:XGTI)


This is a recurring theme for xG Technology Inc (NASDAQ:XGTI), this testing of the $2.00 level on big spikes with bigger volume. This happened in January, February and now in May, and when it trades, it trades above the 10 million share level. Nearly everything driving XGTI relates to orders they sign, and how it would affect the top line, which makes sense on a fundamental level.

xG Technology Inc (NASDAQ:XGTI) is a leading provider of wireless video solutions to broadcast, law enforcement and defense markets, and private mobile broadband networks for critical communications. XGTI recently announced that its Vislink business has received orders valued at over $600,000 for HD airborne video downlink systems from county law enforcement agencies located in California and Florida. This was a few days ago, but the press release line is sprinkled with news about orders and is followed by spikes in volume and price.

Vislink HD airborne video downlink systems deliver live pictures and seamless video streams obtained from helicopters and other aircraft to command and control assets on the ground.

The equipment covered by the orders include an integrated suite of downlink transmitters, antennas, diversity receivers, handheld receivers and media servers. The components are designed to capture and share real-time, high-definition video for display at Emergency Operation Centers, mobile command units and directly to smartphones via cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Vislink also ensured that complete configuration, testing and other support services were included, according to the specific needs of each client.

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$XGTI 10-Day Chart Below:

“These most recent airborne downlink system orders extend Vislink’s 40-year heritage of providing video transmission solutions to support aerial law enforcement agency operations,” said George Schmitt, Executive Chairman and CEO of xG Technology. “The public safety and surveillance market continues to exceed our expectations, and we expect it to deliver strong results for us in the US and internationally for the remainder of the year.”

John Payne IV, president of IMT USA, said, “Our strength is designing airborne video downlink systems that provide complete situational awareness for enhancing public safety. Our systems deliver live, broadcast-quality, mission-critical imagery to command staff from deployed aerial assets, with the added benefits of interoperability and compatibility with equipment from neighboring agencies. Providing ground-based personnel an immediate clear and reliable picture of what is being viewed from above allows faster and more accurate decision making.”

xG Technology’s brands provide wireless video solutions to broadcast, law enforcement and defense markets, and private mobile broadband networks for use in challenging environments. xG’s brand portfolio includes Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT), Vislink and xMax. IMT has pioneered advanced digital microwave systems and is a trusted supplier to broadcast, sports and entertainment, and MAG (Military, Aerospace & Government) markets. Their products are recognized for their high level of performance, reliability, build quality, extended operating ranges and compact form factors. More information about IMT can be found at www.imt-solutions.com. Vislink specializes in the wireless capture, delivery and management of secure, high-quality, live video, and serves broadcast & media and defense & surveillance markets. xMax is a secure, rapid-deploy mobile broadband system that delivers mission-assured wireless connectivity in demanding operating environments.

xMax was specifically designed to serve as an expeditionary and critical communications network for use in unpredictable scenarios and during fluid situations. This makes it a compelling solution for disaster response, emergency communications, and defense applications. In addition to the above business lines, xG has a dedicated Federal Sector Group (xG Federal) focused on providing next-generation spectrum sharing solutions to national defense, scientific research and other federal organizations.

xG® Technology, Inc.(NasdaqMKTS:XGTI) needs to break out of the trading range and close above the old resistance, if not it’s another order scare that causes shares to settle back into nothingness.

I can say XGTI did some smart things last quarter, primarily paying down debt which keeps investors around for the long haul. Now they need to convert the top line sales numbers to margin and show that this sector (wireless) has an understated growth multiple for the video transmission sub-sector and to prove they can support the growing demand of the customer base and convert this to a sustained share price. For continuing coverage on shares of $XGTI stock, as well as our other hot stock picks, sign up for our free newsletter today and get our next hot stock pick!


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