US Stem Cell Inc (OTCMKTS:USRM) Fueled by Scientific Team Cred

US Stem Cell Inc (OTCMKTS:USRM) Fueled by Scientific Team Cred


US Stem Cell Inc (OTCMKTS:USRM) is a penny stock in the biosciences space that we have covered several times, (with a relatively constructive tone from our end), following the successful navigation of the company’s legal issues several months ago. One of the reasons to maintain a relatively constructive bias on USRM is the company’s strong scientific team. The leader of that team was recently honored with the designation of having submitted one of the most influential research pieces of 2016 in her field in the Journal of Translational Medicine, according to

Specifically, Kristin Comella, Chief Science Officer at U.S. Stem Cell, Inc., is a “world-renowned expert on regenerative medicine with a focus on adipose derived stem cells”, according to the company’s latest release. “She was named number 24 on Terrapin’s list of the Top 50 Global Stem Cell Influencers and number 1 on the Academy of Regenerative Practices list of Top 10 Stem Cell Innovators. Comella has pioneered stem cell therapies from various sources including cord blood, bone marrow, muscle, and adipose. She led the team that gained the first ever FDA approval for a clinical trial using a combined cell and gene therapy product in the heart.”

US Stem Cell Inc (OTCMKTS:USRM) bills itself as a company committed to the development of effective cell technologies to treat a variety of diseases and injuries. By harnessing the body’s own healing potential, we may be able to reverse damaged tissue to normal function.

U.S. Stem Cell’s discoveries include multiple cell therapies in various stages of development that repair damaged tissues throughout the body due to injury or disease so that patients may return to a normal lifestyle.

USRM is focused on regenerative medicine. While most stem cell companies use one particular cell type to treat a variety of diseases, U.S Stem Cell utilizes various cell types to treat different diseases. It is our belief that the unique qualities within the various cell types make them more advantageous to treat a particular disease.

According to company materials, “US Stem Cell, Inc. (formerly Bioheart, Inc.) is an emerging enterprise in the regenerative medicine / cellular therapy industry. We are focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of cell based therapeutics that prevent, treat or cure disease by repairing and replacing damaged or aged tissue, cells and organs and restoring their normal function. We believe that regenerative medicine / cellular therapeutics will play a large role in positively changing the natural history of diseases ultimately, we contend, lessening patient burdens as well as reducing the associated economic impact disease imposes upon modern society.”

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As discussed above, US Stem Cell has benefitted from having some highly credible players on the team on the scientific side, including the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, Kristin Comella, who was recently honored as the result of some published research.

Clearly, in the biosciences, the quality of the team is a huge factor, so it follows that this acclaim for the CSO is an asset for the company.

The paper, entitled “Effects of the Intramyocardial Implantation of Stromal Vascular Fraction in Patients with Chronic Ischemic Cardiomyopathy,” was co-authored by K. Comella, J. Parcero, H. Bansal, J. Perez, J. Lopez, A. Agrawal and T. Ichim and published in the Journal of Translational Medicine on June 2, 2016. 685 Article Accesses were tracked with an Attention Score of 254. Below is a link and abstract of the paper:

We’ve witnessed -6% taken out of shares over the past week. The situation may be worth watching. USRM has a track record that includes a number of dramatic bounces. In addition, the company has seen interest climb, with an increase in recent trading volume of 8% beyond its prior sustained average level.

Currently trading at a market capitalization of $28.9M, US Stem Cell has a reserve ($619K) of cash on the books, which must be weighed relative to about $3.3M in total current liabilities. One should also note that debt has been growing over recent quarters. USRM is pulling in trailing 12-month revenues of $3.5M. In addition, the company is seeing major top line growth, with y/y quarterly revenues growing at 62.5%. This is an exciting story, and we look forward to a follow-up chapter as events transpire. For continuing coverage on shares of $USRM stock, as well as our other hot stock picks, sign up for our free newsletter today and get our next hot stock pick!

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