Nfusz Inc (OTCMKTS:FUSZ) Finding Renewed Support on New Deal

Nfusz Inc (OTCMKTS:FUSZ) Finding Renewed Support on New Deal


Nfusz Inc (OTCMKTS:FUSZ) is riding a massive bounce back to end the week after being selling pressure engulfed the stock at the end of April. FUSZ is rallying upward after news that it has joined the Marketo Engagement Platform. The 10-day volume is very strong cresting over 3M and the stock could be finding renewed support.

FUSZ is a tech company that offer customer sales management software – sales lead generation and sales-based platforms – that is able to integrate video marketing called notifiCRM. The new deal with Marketo is to be a  member in their Marketo Launchpoint Accelerate Ecosystem and will provide customers with video analytics synchronized across the two platforms. According to the press, notifiCRM’s seamless integration with Marketo is designed to enhance marketing content and dramatically improve conversion rates for Marketo customers through interactive video messaging that does the selling for you.

Nfusz Inc (OTCMKTS:FUSZ) formerly bBooth, Inc., is focusing on the manufacture and operation of Internet-connected, kiosk-sized, audio-video recording studios, branded and marketed under the name of bBooth, which are integrated into a social media, messaging, gaming, music streaming and video sharing application.

The Company’s business has evolved from one-based mainly on its mall-based bBooth kiosks and mobile applications, focused on talent discovery, to a cloud-based, enterprise-level platform, tentatively branded as NOTIFI, developed to address markets that includes corporate users, consumer brands and media companies, among others, seeking internal and external messaging and communications capabilities. Offered through bBoothTech, the Company’s technology licensing division, the NOTIFI platform is a fully integrated mobile, desktop and Web-based application, with back-end administration and data collection capabilities. It has not generated any revenues.

According to company materials, “nFusz, Inc. (FUSZ) is a Hollywood-based digital tech company. Our proprietary next-generation interactive video technology is the core of our new broadcast and cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. We offer subscription-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales lead generation, and social engagement software on mobile and desktop platforms for sales-based organizations, consumer brands, and artists seeking greater levels of engagement and higher conversion rates. Our software platform can accommodate any size campaign or sales organization, and its enterprise-class scalability meets the needs of today’s global organizations. Our service is built around our proprietary “Video-First” notifi technology, which places interactive video front and center in all customer and prospect communications. With our flagship product, notifiCRM, we’ve re-invented what a CRM, lead-gen tool should be in today’s video-centric business and social environment. Now watch for our live broadcast interactive video platform that will redefine what “engagement” means in consumer video consumption.”

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“We are thrilled to welcome nFusz as a member of the Marketo LaunchPoint Accelerate Ecosystem,” states Shai Alfandray, Marketo’s Vice President, Global Head of ISVs, LaunchPoint Ecosystem. “Video has become an essential tool for all marketers and nFusz’s next-generation interactive video platform is the tool all forward-thinking marketers need in order to stay ahead of this burgeoning trend,” continues Mr. Alfandray.

“We’re very excited that our interactive video sales technology is now part of the Marketo Engagement Platform, the pre-eminent marketing solution for marketing professionals all over the world,” states Rory J. Cutaia, CEO of FUSZ. “This partnership gives marketing professionals access, through their familiar Marketo interface, to the power of our interactive video sales and marketing tool to create more effective customer engagement and drive conversion rates to new levels,” continues Mr. Cutaia.

At this time, carrying a capital value in the market of $183.55M with a float of 186.66M, FUSZ has 10k in cash and 3.11M in debt, however, this new deal is a step in the right direction. FUSZ is still pre-revenue but the membership with Marketo is a nice development. We will update the story again soon as developments transpire. Sign-up for continuing coverage on shares of $FUSZ stock, as well as other hot stock picks, get our free newsletter today and get our next breakout pick!

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