Makes a Splash With New RCLUB Program Makes a Splash With New RCLUB Program


The online travel industry has been red-hot for years, which is why we would keep an eye on newcomer as a promising upstart in the space. The landscape defining this industry has been dominated by the same usual suspects for much of that time. However, that may be starting to change as some new blood begins to get traction as a disruptive element in the online booking marketplace.

In particular, we would take note of the recent emergence of as a new leading idea on this landscape. The company has begun to distinguish itself in the crowded travel booking space through context-based smart interaction tools and a first-class reputation for customer service and online interface design. Most importantly, the company’s remarkable loyalty program deserves notice: RCLUB. is an award-winning online travel company that is on a mission to bring the human-touch back into the world of online travel.

Founded in 2014 with a mission to help consumers create memorable booking experiences, has seen rapid online growth in its hotel archives.’s user-friendly website offers unparalleled visibility into hotels, including: descriptions, pricing information, and reviews of over 200,000 properties globally in its database. The company is on a journey to change the way the world books hotels.

We have seen a rush of awards and public recognition for the company. This includes a spate of recent “Best in Business” awards across a number of categories: Silver in Company of the Year among small companies, the Silver in Company of the Year in the US South, the Bronze in Founding Team of the Year, the Bronze in HR Executive of the Year, the Bronze in Most Innovative Product of the Year in the Consumer category, and the general award for Best Place to Work.

With its new RCLUB program, that reputation is likely to grow. RCLUB offers dedicated travel advisors, exclusive VIP discount rates including up to 60% off unpublished hotel room rates, and a waiver from service fees.

Up and Coming

According to company information, now provides more than 500,000 hotel properties throughout 5,000 places worldwide for its clients, serving over 2 million vacationers and facilitating more than 4 million ‘room nights’ along the way.

In addition, to keep its lead in the customer service space, has actually committed to round-the-clock call center services for all clients as a free perk.

Among its many important features, tracks customer preferences to provide specific and personalized recommendations for users. It then organizes the output to streamline the process for each consumer with the augmentation of a tech-enabled live agent platform. This is effectively a labor-saving process because it eliminates work and confusion for users, representing an added advantage for the platform.

For those interested in its new RCLUB program, it’s extremely easy to use: just book your hotel reservation to get access. That will lead you to a simple sign-up form for RCLUB, where you can register to take advantage of its many benefits. From there, you just need to go ahead and run with your spirit of adventure!

As noted above, the online travel boom isn’t going away any time soon. It’s good to see that there are some fresh faces on the playing field, ready and willing to keep the disruption wave rolling along. After all, we all benefit from new investment in this space. And is a welcome horse in the race.

The addition of a strong focus on the “human touch” in customer service is an extremely welcome dynamic – because, as you probably know from personal experience, travel is stressful and represents a large-ticket item in most cases, and is therefore not something you want to talk to a computer about when something is going wrong.

The story is growing for this emerging player. And there’s certainly plenty of upside ahead.

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