Opko Health Inc. (NASDAQ:OPK) Stock Jumps 135% Since April: Here’s Why.

Opko Health Inc. (NASDAQ:OPK) Stock Jumps 135% Since April: Here’s Why.


Over the course of the past two months or so, many companies have come into sharp focus in the markets after launching products meant for tackling the coronavirus crisis.

On Thursday, it was Opko Health Inc. (NASDAQ:OPK), which was in the news after the company announced that it had developed a screening program for COVID 19. It is aimed at helping employers in effectively managing their employees’ return to work, and the development was well received by the market.

Key Triggers

The stock rose by as much as 10% on the back of the development, and it remains to be seen if the Opko Health stock can record further gains today.

The company has been involved in assisting healthcare service provider during this pandemic through its BioReference Labs. However, the latest development marks a significant expansion of its capabilities. The company made the announcement with regard to the launch of its antibody tests this Monday.

Two days later, Opko launched the platform that is going to help businesses in making critical decisions with regard to their employees’ return to work. Considering the fact that workplaces are soon going to open up, this is a platform that could prove to be quite useful.

However, that is not all. Earlier on in the week, it emerged that the company was at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus in New York City. The antibody screening service that has been devised by Opko health was actually launched in the city last Friday and had been helping all the five boroughs in handling the crisis.

The coronavirus crisis has come as a major shock to the system for New York, and according to reports, as many as 140000 residents are going to be tested from across different locations of the city. These developments are major positives for Opko Health, and it is no surprise that the stock price and on Thursday, it rallied by as much as 10%. Sign up below for email alerts on any breakouts with OPK and related stocks.