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Is Enzolytics Inc (OTCMKTS:ENZC) Making All The Right Moves in 2021

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When a stock makes massive gains over a reasonable period of time, then it is necessary for investors to perhaps looking into it with more curiosity. In that regard, it is necessary to mention the Enzolytics Inc (OTCMKTS:ENZC) stock.

Major News

Enzolytics Inc (OTCMKTS:ENZC) used to be regarded as risky by certain experts, but in 2021 so far it has been on fire.

ENZC stock continued to rally strongly on Tuesday and went up by as much as 165% as investors continued to flock into it in a big way. It is also important to point out that the Enzolytics stock has been one of the biggest gainers so far this year, having managed to deliver gains of as much as 980% in the period.

The most important thing that investors ought to know about the company is that Enzolytics holds the licensing rights for the Irreversible Pepsin Fraction peptide molecule.

The molecules in question are meant for the treatment of AIDS. It seems that the treatment offered by Enzolytics could be different from most of the popular forms of treatment.

The company has claimed that its treatment does not have any toxicity problems and causes only mild side effects. Last but not the least, the product in question can also lead to cost savings.

However, in addition to the AIDS treatment, there are some other developments as well which may be important to get a better idea about the current rally in the Enzolytics stock. The company’s website has indicated that Enzolytics is currently working on as many as 31 patents in total. On the other hand, the company is all set to complete the acquisition of a new laboratory.

The laboratory is expected to be in play by June this year. The company is involved in a market that could be worth as much as $37 billion in 2027 and hence, it might be advisable to keep this stock on the watch lists.

Disclaimer: We hold no interest in ENZC stock

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