About Us

About Us

About Oracle Dispatch 

Oracle Dispatch considered as trusted source for the Investment News, delivers the most insightful, informational and authoritative stories online about the fast-paced and rapidly evolving world of Stock Market.

Oracle Dispatch is a must-read for anyone hoping to keep ahead of the financial markets, bringing transparency and accountability to a secretive factor that is playing a growing role in the financial markets. Oracle Dispatch concentrates on the US Stock Market, including coverage not only of the Stocks, but also of the investors and analysts who back any specific company/stock and the prime brokers, administrators and analysts that rate them.

Our coverage includes, in-depth analysis of trends shaping the markets, a daily reports covering the latest news, and earnings announcements and ratings.

Who We Are

Oracle Dispatch is a team of professional investors, writers, Editors and Traders who have combined their years of experiences and expertise to come up with latest news across a wide variety of markets, including Stock Markets, Investing, Technology and Sector Updates.

We encourage Our Team to think outside the box as they continue to serve a wide range of audience, including Long term Investors, Day-Traders, financial advisors, and Analyst. As a team, we give 100% to ensure synchronization exists across different roles which helps us maintain our Quality of content.