Our Team

Chief Editor
James Hudson

I bring 25 years as a top editor in corporate, academic, and global settings. English is my field of expertise (and my native language), but technical writing doesn’t faze me. I have taught university-level technical and business writing, creative writing, and literature over the last 15 years. My professional editing work has included books, dissertations, and articles in psychology, history, art, finance, sociology, cultural studies, and more, plus novels by a nationally known writer. (A quick search on Google Books will reveal that many writers published by national presses have cited my editing in their acknowledgments pages.) That said, I am down-to-earth, have a sense of humor, and am willing to work with clients to produce a polished project. I have been freelancing since 1994 and have many references–just ask!

Editors Staff:


Tomas Scott
Category: Finance
Email: tomas.scott@oracledispatch.com

Tomas is talented at writing (and ping pong) and is proficient in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Tomas was born in Germany and studied and GWU in the US and earned a masters in communication. Tomas is exceptionally detailed and in the event the team is in need of help he is more than willing to jump in and lend his expertise.


Cesar Mills
Category: Sector News
Email: cesar.mills@oracledispatch.com

Cesar is highly skilled at typing and experienced with WordPress and Google Docs. Very passionate about writing. Very hardworking and dedicated to the job at hand. Cesar is very reliable and if he tells you he will do something, he will do it! (He’s also the best golfer on our team!)


Robyn Ryan
Category: Wall Street Daily
Email: robyn.ryan@oracledispatch.com

I have, as of late resigned as the editor of Biz Magazine, to continue as a full-time proofreader and essayist for Oracle Dispatch. I’ve been composing for more than 12 years in both the expert world as a lawyer and as a manager and feature writer.  I enjoy living in New York, running in Central Park and grabbing a hot cup of coffee in the afternoon!


Gene Daniel
Category: Industry
Email: gene.daniel@oracledispatch.com

My name is Gene Daniel I’m a writer from Queensland, Australia, looking to break into the freelance copywriting field. Currently, I work part-time in retail, writing short fiction and poetry in my free time (please have a look at my portfolio as I’ve included some examples of my writing). I’m very interested in content writing, fiction writing, and review writing. I have an interest in a wide variety of subject matter. In regards to review writing, I specialize in shipping and alternative investments. I bring a professional yet refreshing writing style for any type of subject matter.


Sarah Mendoza
Category: Markets
Email: sarah.mendoza@oracledispatch.com

I am a full-time proficient substance author and eBook essayist with 3 years of master composition and examination experience. It begins with inside and out examination on the subject; then comes the use of my composition abilities to deliver quality substance for my customers. I have experience in composing inventive articles, eBooks, online journal substance, examination articles, and site substance covering adaptable fields like wellness, relationship, IT, SEO, human services, nourishment, et cetera. I have a talent for filtering and singling out quality and dependable assets to compose quality material.


Tony Cross
Category: Markets
Email: tony.cross@oracledispatch.com

I am a former professional wall street broker and a full-time content writer and eBook writer with 3 years of expert writing & research experience. I studied at NYU for 4 years before moving on to Wall St. In my profession I’ve learned from the best; it starts with in-depth research on the topic; then comes the application of my writing skills to produce quality content for my readers.  I come from a large family and I enjoy all things finance and outdoors. (Go Nicks!)


Jermaine Farmer
Category: Opinion
Email: jermaine.farmer@oracledispatch.com

My name is Jermaine and I’m an author from Queensland, Australia, hoping to break into the independent copywriting field.  I’m extremely intrigued by all things in the market, especially cryptocurrencies and other alternatives investments. I have an enthusiasm for a wide assortment of topic. Concerning audit composing, I spend significant time furthering my financial education and development. I am certain I can offer an expert yet reviving composition style for any financial topic.